terms of use

Purchase and use of photos from NaturePhotos.eu

You can purchase the copyright for using my photos presented in NaturePhotos.eu through a direct agreement with me. If you make an order for 1 to 5 images and the size of each of them does not exceed 8 MB they will be sent to you over to an e-mail you have to provided to us. In case the photos you have ordered exceed 8 MB or you have ordered more than 5 photos they will be sent to you on a CD to a delivery address you have to specify with your order.
After you have selected the photo you want to buy and we have agreed about the terms and price for using it, you can transfer the agreed payment to a bank account specified by me or pay in other mutually agreed way.

Buying a print of specific images for decoration purposes.

After you have selected the image which you want to get as a print, and you have agreed with tme about the terms and price for using it, you have to specify the size in which you want it and any extra details as having a postpartum, frame and way of delivery. The cost for framing and delivery of the photo print are not included in the price and are at the expense of the client. The payment is to be made to a specified by me bank account or other mutually agreed way of payment.

Free of charge use of photos from NaturePhotos.eu

I am trying all the time to improve the quality and diversity of the wildlife and nature images, but this requires considerable resources for equipments and travel to pristine wildlife places For this reason the free of charge use of photos is not in the interest of NaturePhotos.eu and its clients.
The Conservation NGOs could use images from NaturePhotos.eu at lower prices than those for commercial publications.
In some cases it is possible to allow free of charge use of images, however this regards only Conservation NGOs for Nature conservation purposes and lies at my discretion without being the official policy of the web site.

Free of charge use of images from NaturePhotos.eu for illustration of lectures and/or school/university projects

Lecturers/teachers and students could use images published in NaturePhotos.eu, for the needs of their lectures, courses or school/university projects, only after agreeing it with me and without changing the them in any way. This free of charge use does not cover any public display of the images for out of the curriculum lectures/classes in school/university.

Use of images from NaturePhotos.eu in Internet

It is possible to use free of charge images for presentation in the Internet, but in their original version with active link to the website www.naturephotos.eu and after you got my agreement.


Copyright © NaturePhotos.eu. All materials displayed on naturephotos.eu are protected under the Bulgarian and international copyright laws which provide substantial penalties for infringement. No form of reproduction (including copying or saving), or the alteration or manipulation of any images or other materials included herein, in whole or part, is authorized unless written usage rights have been obtained and issued by the authors/photographers. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited, and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.